Monday, 26 August 2013

MAC Haul | Chloe Harb ♥

Hello my lovelies! Long time no see. I'm so sorry I haven't put up a post in weeks, I've had technical difficulties, but I'm back now with a MAC haul! 
So I placed a order a few weeks ago and it came in two days! I'm so happy with all the products and wanted to share them with you!  

None of the products where damaged and they where really well protected! 

These are all the lipsticks I purchased. I love them all so much! 
Colours from left to right : 
Creme Cup - Please Me - Angel - Saint Germain - Snob - Pink Nouveau - £15 each

I got my first paint pot and I'm in love! I've used it so much! 
Bare Study - £15 

And finally I got my first eye shadow, it's so beautiful! 
Wood winked - £12.50

So there you go, I hope you enjoyed reading! See you soon!