Friday 21 June 2013

June Favorites | Chloe Harb ♥

Hello my lovelies! It's that time of the month where I talk about my faves! I'm going to be posting a monthly favorites post once every month,usually one week before the month  is over.

I have quite a variety this month.Things that I've purchase and things I've rediscovered. I shall post close ups and talk about each item.

                                          Ted Baker - XO 2 extraordinary perfume

I've recently rediscovered this perfume and I've fallen in love! I've just been sticking to the same old perfume and I got bored so I decided to switch it up a little. As this scent was sat on my unit I completely forgot about it! But now I've rediscovered it and I'm hooked. It's such a lovely fresh scent that I can't describe (I'm rubbish at describing any scent). It's so elegant and fresh. I don't think it's available any more but I think Boots bring it out around Christmas time.

                                         Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Mascara £7.99                                          

    Another favorite this month has to be The Falsies. I used to use it with Benefits Their Real Mascara to give extra volume but I decided to try something different, I forgot how much I loved this mascara. I feel like it's such a perfect mascara, it adds length and volume! My lashes are naturally thick and long but I don't like using fake lashes so this is perfect to give me the volume that I would get from fake ones. It's super affordable as I'm on a tight budget at the minute for only £7.99!

                                               Topshop Lipstick In Secret Admirer £8

 This is one of my favorite lipsticks! It's such a perfect color. Even though it's a true barbie pink color you can mute it down by patting it into the lips. It's so beautiful when muted, kind of a dusty rose color which is the perfect color for my skin tone (pale). It sadly is no longer available but I can't wait to try other colors from the Topshop collection. 

                                                    Topshop Nail Polish In Milkshake £5

This is my favorite pastel nail polish ever! It's the perfect pink color, in fact it's the only shade that suits my completion. It's highly pigmented which is great as all the other pastel pinks I have aren't and you have to apply around four -  five coats to get the color it is in the bottle. This however only needs two,which is perfect for me as I am the most impatient person. Especially when it comes to nails drying. Over all i highly recommend any polishes from Topshop,the ones I've tried I've fell in love with!

                                                                 Wonka Nerds

I have been obsessed this month with Nerds this month,even though I never used to like nerds the first time I tried them, I now love them. Any flavors really they all taste amazing. They are quite hard to get hold of in the UK as they are a American product but when I can get hold of some I stock up!

                                                                   Primark Rings £2

I never used to like rings, they never really used to suit me but I found a set that I love. They really suit me which is quite rare for rings. They're really good quality for £2 and they do come with more but these are the ones I've been wearing the most!

                                                         Claire's Hair Bow - Lilac £4.50

I'm in love with this bow! I'm not one for hair accessories but this bow is perfect. I normally just have my hair the same but I've been adding a little touch and It's in my favorite color too! I didn't want to spend £9 on a American Apparel bow even though I really want one, Claire's do a variety in many colors and designs!

 So that's this months favorites this month! I highly recommend all of these products mentioned and their really affordable too! I will post another next month.

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