Saturday 22 November 2014


Hello Everyone!

Sorry I haven't updated you for a while, I've been really busy with school but we break off in three weeks for just under a month so I'm going to get loads of blog posts out before I go back and my exams start. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see then don't fret to contact me!

I'm really excited for next week as I'm going to Manchester to meet the one and only Zoella aka Zoe Sugg! Excited is a understatement, I've watched Zoe since I was eleven I'm now fourteen so you can do the maths! The reason I'm meeting her is because she's doing her book signing for 'Girl Online' which is released on the 25th this month! I'm so incredibly proud of what she's achieved. I will be doing a blog post about the day with pictures, I may even vlog the day!

Another thing I'm really excited for is Christmas! It's less then a month away, where has this year gone?!
I'm currently sat in my room with candles lit and I feel really cosy I just freaking love this time of year!
I think we'll call it a rap for today, I'm always on my social media if you want to talk but until next time, bye!

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